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We help companies unlock the power of AI with custom built software solutions.

Some of the companies and partners we have had the pleasure to work with:


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AI Consulting

The overall business landscape is getting more and more competitive and companies need to innovate to survive and to thrive. AI provides a unique innovation opportunity but AI is evolving fast, with new developments released every week, and it’s hard to keep up. We help you uncover use cases and get to a working prototype in as little as 3 weeks.

Data analysis and use case discovery
Feasibility and quick prototyping
Architecture and development roadmap
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AI Custom Solutions

We develop solutions tailored to your needs. Often there is no need to reinvent the wheel: unique combinations and applications of pre-developed solutions can yield a result tailored to your needs. We can also cover frontend and backend and we can also manage the services once deployed in production for a full turnkey solution.

Turnkey solutions
Integration & deployment
Managed services
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AI Team-As-A-Service

Hire a fully autonomous AI team composed of AI consultants, AI/ML Engineers, full stack developers, frontend developers and testers. We have worked together on multiple projects, from startups to large corporations. With career-long experience working in both agile and waterfall, we keep your lift to a minimum with the ability to manage projects independently. Avoid costly learning curves, hiring processes and shorten ramp-up periods.

AI/ML engineer and data scientists
Full-stack, backend, frontend developers, testers
Project management and leadership
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“Nivity has developed our product from a proof of concept to a released product. They developed a custom made AI technology that allows us to go to market with a unique competitive advantage. They have delivered more than any supplier we have ever worked with, they have become more like family and a true strategic partner in achieving our mission.”

CEO, Otto Education


We solve complex business problems
with simple AI solutions.

AI is advancing fast, and the models used used by specific products developed only one year ago may very well be obsolete by now. We use the latest, cutting-edge models with the best proven performance.

What's the next step?

Document & text processing

Custom NLP applications that can process documents and text at scale.

Sound & Image Processing

Sound & Image recognition, processing, and classification.

Predictive Analytics

Custom machine learning models to detect trends and predict outcomes in your data.

Risk assessment

Anomaly detection in large databases and pattern recognition to assess the level of risk.

Market Intelligence

Find key insights in different data sources to build value-added market intelligence.

User Profiling & Recommendations

By building user profiles you can offer the right product at the right time.


We work with the latest technologies.


We've completed 60+ AI projects since 2016.

Otto, an AI-driven educational platform for a US edtech startup

A science-based, custom built speech recognition model and and admin platform to track progress for teachers and parents.

A Document Automation Solution For An EU Gas Service Provider

A custom built NLP module understands the content of PDF files and classifies documents, saving tens of thousands of hours of administrative time.

A Sound Analysis Application For A Global Automotive Manufacturer

A custom built solution that processes the sounds emitted by vehicles and diagnoses possible issues helping the after sales department optimise their processes and staff training.

Establishment of an AI-Team for a Global Automotive Manufacturer

We hired a team of AI engineers, incubated them in our team, upskilled and mentored them so they could be onboarded by the parent company after a period of 6 months.

A Consulting Assignment For Risk Assessment For A Global Law Firm

During a series of consulting sprints, we developed a tool to help risk analysts detect conflict checks by finding anomalies and patterns in large databases.

Ringo: World’s First AI Diamond Selection Tool

An online diamond quality assistant.  A custom model trained to assess quality and imperfections, the AI assistant helps to have quick quality assessments online.

Casemate, an AI Pharmacovigilance Copilot

A custom built NLP engine reads thousands of articles and pre-selects relevant entities, to help PV specialists save time. This project is in early-stage, currently udner development.

Risk Assessment Custom Solutions For A Web3.0 DeFi Startup

We have partnered up with a Web30.0 DeFi startup to monitor risky transactions in blockchain protocols and offer insurance against risky loans.


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